Download BeeTV for iOS (iPhone or iPad)

BeeTV for iOS

BeeTV for iOS lets you watch the latest movies and TV shows on your iPhone or iPad for free.

Today, in spite of being a newcomer in the field of entertainment, BeeTV has carved a name for itself. Initially, it did not seek much attention as it was still lacking versatility. But now it has upgraded and expanded its services.

Download BeeTV for iOS


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Install BeeTV on iOS

So it is vital that this page it is to be discussed how to install the BeeTV app on iOS. The steps are pretty much simple. However, you also need to follow some more steps. The first and foremost is to install a third-party app. For instance, there is the TutuApp. This is needed if the BeeTV app has to be installed on iOS. Once the TutuApp is installed, the user will have to go to the Search section. This is not difficult as the interface of TutuApp is very much similar to the App store. In the search section, look for BeeTV. Select the search result and install the BeeTV. After installation, there is a step to trust the profile of TutuApp. The process is similar to installing other regular apps from the Apple Store.

How do I install BeeTV on my iPhone?

Another way to install BeeTv app on iOS (iPhone or iPad) is through “AppValley”. Like TutuApp, this too is a third-party app. It has all those applications which do not appear on the official App Store. Once downloaded, here also, there is a step to trust the profile of AppValley which has to be done. After that launch AppValley. From the search field, search for BeeTV and install the application. Just to reiterate, here again, the profile of BeeTv has to be trusted before launching the application.

Final Words

The BeeTV app’s user interface is very plain and so is easy to navigate. The search bar helps in finding out your desired movies and TV shows really fast. The added feature of the default player of BeeTV also helps in playing all sorts of video formats. Of course, there is a provision of selecting the subtitles from the playback menu itself. So if you are one of those earnest viewers who prefer watching movies and TV Shows by streaming, then definitely the BeeTV app should be tried out. It has gotten into partnership with several other media websites thereby adding to its advantages.